Design and Development Pipeline Process: Like Train Cars on a Track | PART 1

August 16, 2022 Maverick
Imagine the train tracks are the “process” and the cars are each “stage” in that process. Every resource on the project has its own car. The design and development pipeline for Salesforce applications involves several key stages:
Discovery and Planning: Otherwise known as “Workshops”. This phase involves understanding business requirements, user needs, and goals. Planning includes outlining features, functionalities, and user stories.
Design: In this stage, UX/UI designers create wireframes and prototypes. Designing the user interface and user experience to align with the platform’s standards.
Development: Developers bring the design to life by coding the application. Using Apex (for the backend) and Lightning Web Components (for the front end). Integrations with other systems and API implementation happen here.
Testing: Quality Assurance (QA) engineers test the application. Testing for functionality, performance, and compatibility across browsers and devices. This is the stage of identifying and resolving bugs and other issues.
Deployment: Once testing is complete, the application gets deployed to Salesforce environments. This includes sandbox testing and then deployment to production.
User Training: Training users to use the application. Ensuring they understand its features and functionality.
Release and Maintenance: Regular updates, bug fixes, and feature enhancements get released. Based on user feedback and changing business needs.
Throughout this pipeline, collaboration between designers, developers, testers, and stakeholders is crucial. This ensures a successful Salesforce application that meets business goals and user expectations.
This process involves understanding business requirements, planning features, and designing the user interface. Developers code the application, QA engineers test it, and users receive training. Based on user feedback and changing needs, updates occur. Collaboration among team members ensures a successful application that meets goals and expectations.
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