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Conceptual idea for mobile app

Client leadership approached our design team and asked each of us to come up with conceptual ideas to help them compete in the market. I had the idea of a mobile app that would eliminate needing to stand in line at a store. Since this was not an “official” request, I generalized the concept design and called it “myBudgetShopper”.

Scan & Go

The client liked the conceptual idea of the design and made the project official and moved the concept over to the Sam’s Club development pipeline. Sam’s Club wanted to add the concept as a feature in its existing mobile app. It was branded “Scan & Go” by the marketing department.

We needed to workshop how this new feature was going to be added to the pre-existing Sam’s Club app.Therefore you see authentication and gps location user journeys in the map process flow screens. The user needed to be at a club for the feature to scan inventory for a specific club location. Authentication and gps location was priority when using the Scan & Go features for both the club inventory and fuel station prices.

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